Monday, August 20, 2012

Always Something

...more to do. And you thought I was going to say "there to remind me". I actually hate that song. Irrelevant, moving on. It's been a busy month. Lots of planes have filled my Monday - Friday, with nursery decorating consuming my weekends. And cleaning, birthday celebrating, bill paying, crafting, name changing, travel planning, among a myriad of other tasks.

Seeing as it's been a while since I posted (yet another thing to do), there's a long list of topics I've mentally stored to shared. Problem is, I can't seem to recall what they were.

Oh wait, there's one. My pregnancy brain. And I thought it was a myth. Let's see -- there was repeating myself in meetings, wearing my underwear inside out three days in a row, leaving a car running while I went to go eat at a restaurant, and my general inability to focus. Such as on this post. I am all over the place.

There's another one. My travels. It was harder to change my name with Delta than it was to get a new social security card. I suppose I should be grateful for the security, but the reality is it only affected my ability to get upgraded and board the plane before the lay people. Speaking of security -- pre-check. God bless pre-check. Shoes stay on, laptops in, and they don't care how much liquid you're packing. The best part? No wave machine, just a simple metal detector. Which means no more pat downs for this lady, even though I was starting to enjoy them.

Everything, and I mean everything, seems to take more to get done and in general there is just more of it. And just when I think I've reached the point of completion, there's another few things to check off the list. Big ones like naming my baby, and small ones like sending a birthday card. Not to mention my 16 hour work days. Awesome.

I've decided I need a personal assistant. But that's why you have kids, right?

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