Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Not So Much

In case you were wondering, I have not yet found the holy grail to efficiency in my work day. I arrived in Lexington, KY, after working all day, only to work all night. After my meeting tomorrow, I'm flying to Charlotte where my husband will pick me up en route to PA, so I can attempt some semblance of a vacation next week. No, I've definitely not uncovered the answer.

And sadly, my quest shall have to wait. Allow me to give you some perspective. I had a local meeting request for pretty much anytime in August today, and I had to say no. Not because I was attempting balance, but because I actually have zero availability. Zero. Every single work day in August is scheduled to the hilt. I'm either on a plane or at a local meeting, and I cannot recall another time in my career where this has happened.

But there is light at the end of this eight-week tunnel. No more travel for at least 6 months after September 23 thanks to this little man growing inside of me. As well as a day off (Labor Day), and a new couch that will complete the nap trap in my living room. This is what keeps me going.

Until then, I'm going to have to grin and bear it (as a Delta Member Services rep told me the other day in regard to the fact that they ripped me of my status because I changed my name and they're administrative processes are archaic -- sorry, another post for another day) and do what I can to maintain my sanity and well being.


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